Biography of Love

Once upon a time there was Love – driven by heart, emotions, feelings of regard and affection. The modus operandi was Selflessness. But, it was not long when the green-eyed monster entered and Love lost its immunity. The monster spewed poison at every place where love existed. Nothing was left unaffected, people, their feelings, and their mode of dealing with other people, their mindset, their perceptions, and so on. Everything changed!


And….the new generation love evolved – driven by head, calculations, manipulations, statistics and business. The modus operandi is now Barter system (read business). Unless you have some thing to give in return, don’t expect to get an entry. If by chance you enter, you will need an oxygen mask to sustain, for the green-eyed monster is now the king of the jungle. All it understands is result oriented calculations, the figures, the profit and the ROI.


Gates for love palace where one could enter easily in the past now require a biometric entry. People with profitable proposals ONLY can enter. Nobody else is granted an access. No trespassers allowed!


Don’t even dare to try any trick:


·         No tears would work.

·         Honesty is a strict No-No

·         Extra-caring and sensitivity is not happening enough

·         Fake stories are well anticipated and understood.

·         Deep intellectual conversations are only meant to be among the same sex.

·         Only expensive gifts are entertained, so if you have a shallow pocket, you are not eligible.


You are eligible if:


·         You can manipulate situations

·         You know how to grab the opportunities

·         You are articulate in using pleasing words (Even though the other side knows why the words are being used)

·         You are open for open relationship(s)

·         You are multitasking (you can handle multiple affairs, each with profitable proposal)

·         You have lots and lots of money


Even a single deviation would get you off the track, ‘coz love is PRACTICAL now….


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SEO – The formula to e-business

Internet Marketing techniques have hit their stride in the past decades. Though, Websites have been around for quite a long, but till the second generation and even now the marketing strategies have been focused and varied. The focus of entrepreneurs, now, has shifted from having a site to having Return on Investments (ROI). In fact till late 90s, only few understood the importance of online advertising. Websites were just a tool to increase brand awareness and paying $3 per click was not prevalent. Lately, people have realized that the formula for success of e-business is:


Correct business model + Right Website + The right Website traffic (targeted)


The Strategies


A major effort in having such model incorporated goes in attaining targeted traffic. There are a number of techniques to achieve such traffic (public mail list marketing, direct mail listing, newsgroup marketing, and so on), which are common even today. However, in the present scenario or the third generation of Internet marketing as we say, the major strategies appear to be RSS, Blogging, Mobile marketing, Pod-casting, Auto responder marketing, and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO among these is the most commonly applied strategy.


SEO as the leading technique


As per the researches conducted recently, paid search Ad spending has grown substantially from $108.45 millions in 2000 to 3.84 billion in 2004. With the mounting competition, companies are struggling to stay ahead. These companies are seeking innovative ways to maximize their ROI through Website promotion strategies. This has lead to emergence of entirely new domain of expertise for Internet marketing companies in India also.


 Professional SEO services in India


One can find a number of SEO companies providing SEO services. These SEO firms offer specialized services of Website to build up your corporate identity, highlighting your presence across the globe thereby making your horse lead the race. These companies ensure not only that your URL appears on the first page of search engines, but as the first link too.


 How they do it?


Before designing any SEO Website, there are two basic things that are taken into consideration:

  • The different types of search engines that are to be targeted. These can be crawler-based, human-powered or hybrid engine based.
  • The page elements that these search engines use to index your page

 The next step for an SEO firm is to get hold of the components of an SEO-friendly page. These components include understanding of entry and exit pages, which might be different from the first and last page of your Website, usage of powerful titles, creation of great content, maximization of graphics, and so on.


Besides these strategies there are a number of tools that an SEO company uses, to ease the job. These tools include, keyword density analyzers, keyword count tools, linkage tools, link popularity tools, Google rank tracking tool, word tracker tools that help finding possible keyword combinations, and so on.


SEO, leads to accelerated sales. It helps you keep up with the on-going trends. Your Website tends to be viewed more number of times if it is well designed and SEO optimized. And, if the surfer finds it relevant, you’ll have frequent surfing of your site. Although, optimizations needs a thorough research, designing and examining, but has string of advantages attached. So, get your site optimized for search engines and have non-stop sales opportunities.

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मोहब्बत की कहानी

के कोई दीवाना कहता है, कोई पागल समझता है,
मगर धरती की बेचैनी को बस बादल समझता है,
मैं तुझसे दूर कैसा हूँ, तू मुझसे दूर कैसी है, 
ये मेरा दिल समझता है, या तेरा दिल समझता है,
के मोहब्बत एक एहसासों की पावन सी कहानी है,
कभी कबीरा दीवाना था, कभी मीरा दीवानी है,
यहाँ सब लोग कहते हैं मेरी आंखों में आँसूं हैं,
जो तू समझे तो मोटी हैं, जो न समझे तो पानी हैं,
के समंदर पीर के अन्दर है जो रो नही सकता,
ये आँसूं प्यार के मोती हैं इसको खो नही सकता,
मेरी चाहत को दुल्हन तू बना लेना मगर सुन ले,
जो मेरा हो नही पाया वो तेरा हो नही सकता,
के ब्रह्मर कोई कुमुदनी पर मचल बैठा तो हंगामा,
हमारे दिल में कोई ख्वाब पल बैठा तो हंगामा,
अभी तक डूब कर सुनते थे सब किस्सा मोहब्बत का,
मैं किस्से को हकीकत में बदल बैठा तो हंगामा!

March 19, 2008 at 4:49 pm 2 comments

Your Decisions – Who takes them for you?

Are you independent? Most of you will say yes. Are you an individualist? Again, I would get a similar answer from most of you. This is because we derive individualism from the superset called ‘Independence. An independent person in literary terms is the one who is not influenced or controlled by others in matters of opinion, conduct, etc. An individual advocates the theory of liberty, rights or independent action. And, that is my question – are we individualists?

We might be independent in literary terms and that is known to every Indian now. I don’t even need to explain why we are independent just on papers, even long after the British Raj has gone. We have all the rights and independence (read pressurized independence) to do what we want – Independence to live anywhere in the country (recall the Bal Thackery and the ‘Mumbai Kiski’ issue), independence to express (recall the Taslima Nasreen issue), independence to vote for any representative and so on. But, that is subject to the independence you have as a citizen of the country. What about the independence in your personal life? Are you independent in that domain? And, again are you an individualist? Do you take your decisions on your own, without any pressure or boundation? I know, a thousand hands will be up if I ask this question to the crowd. But, just re-think once how many of us actually take decisions on our own, as individuals and not just as independents. What I mean here is that how many of us are not under varied pressures while we are taking decisions for ourselves. Don’t we think of the society before telling our parents about our bf/gf who is from a different religion or a different cast, for that matter. The very first question that springs up in our mind is “What would people say?” Do we allow ourselves to simply tell our parents that I want to marry this person, without caring what society has to say on that? How many of us can go for a live-in relationship living in the same city as our parents? Given a choice most of the youth would prefer such a set-up. The only hurdle for them is Society.

Marriage or these relationship issues still come quite late in life. There are yet other important things that frame our lives such as our career or what we want pursue in our life. How many of us have been given enough liberty to opt for the subjects we want to study. Not even the education system that teaches the principles of liberty, independence and individualism gives us enough freedom of choice. Why isn’t a person allowed to study history with accounts? An individual might have an inclination for both. When it comes to choosing our career field, again we are bound to take a decision as per our parents’ choice, the society rather. No parents want their child to be anything less than an engineer or a doctor or an MBA. At no chance they would allow their child, son especially, to be a painter or a musician. Reason being these are not accepted career options by the SOCIETY and might not churn enough money to live a prestigious life. The reasons are innumerous. But, who the hell is society to decide what a person should do in life?  A person needs to be insane, to set on a voyage to discover another America; else he/she would need to suffocate under the expectations of the society.

Would the same society and their members support us in thick times of life? What if despite being a brilliant student I am not able to perform in my job, just because it doesn’t click in my mind. If a man in his mid thirties realizes that he is in a wrong field, and would be satiated if he becomes a painter, does he have liberty to do that? No! Why? Because, as per the society, at the age of 30, you should have a good bank balance, a big house and a car, which might not be possible in case of such a switch-over. The result would be dissatisfaction, which leads to depression. When would we be allowed rather LEARN to take decisions individually?  When would we become individualists in real sense?

March 14, 2008 at 3:11 pm 2 comments

Life is …What you make it or what your destiny makes it?

  Life is a vicious circle. You are born as one form of life in one birth and as a different one in another. According to the scriptures (Hindu mythology to be specific), there are 84, 00,000 forms of life, of which 40,000 belong to mammalian class. Of those 40,000, it is only once that we are born as a member of the human specie. Specie that entails traits such as the ability to think and perceive, and do what we think of, dream of. Most of us know this fact, but, what we tend to ignore this in the goal-no goal race. We keep on running 24 hours and 365 days for a reason we are unaware of. For some the goal is to reach the heights, the height of which is not known even to them. Others are running to follow these intellects. Despite knowing so much about life and ourselves sometimes we get drained by one instance or one emotion that we make it the only factor in shaping our life. We might get bogged down with it or face life with tenacity to win. In the past two days I got to know four different people and that one instance that has helped (read forced) them to give a different shape to their life. Surprisingly, all these instances and people make me have a different view of life. I am bemused! 

One gal who has been fighting with life everyday, waiting for death to take her away from this deadly world. Although frustrated, yet doing the everyday chores with the little resources God has bestowed her with. Her pick-up line – I am single but not virgin, life has fucked me! Fair enough, I agreed that life has actually done wrong, with no fault of her. So, it’s pretty ok to have such abomination. But even then I solace her saying that you are an inspiration for others who get depressed by the toughs in life, so move on, and show your presence to the world. Do what God has sent you for. Perform your part and accomplish the motive of your life. My feelings – She is a sadist and firebrand. 

Another person who has been living with blood cancer for the past 50 years, fought with her parents to live life her way. Married a co-worker and boycotted by her family, today she is the proud owner of a renowned chain of saloons in Delhi NCR. Had she got disheartened with the life’s tight slap, she would be living on other’s sympathy. But, she took that instance as a challenge and showed the world, that she is a woman of substance. She made her presence feel despite of her deadly disease. She fought with it gracefully and lived the motive of her life. My feelings – She is an inspiration. 

There is yet another lady, Manju (name changed for privacy) who has been left in lurch by her husband. She is now sharing home (read bed) with an unknown man, just because she didn’t have enough money to get a roof on her head. For similar reasons and so called social pressures she got her 13 year old daughter married to a psycho, who has attempted to kill his own and sister’s little kids. After 3 years of marriage, the little girl 16 by now dies during her second delivery. Manju has no other option but to put her daughter’s kids into an orphanage. What a fate! (Sarcastic) My Feelings – What the hell? 

I always believed “Life is what you make it”. There was nothing called destiny in my dictionary. It is we who can give life the right shape. It is we who can trifle around or set a goal to achieve with perseverance. And, the first two instances strengthened my belief. But when I heard about Manju, I was petrified. She was at no fault. Had I been in her situation what else would I do? I had no answers. I felt like mere zealot. 

I have yet another story to foreground my belief in ‘karma’ rather than destiny. Ashok, who belonged to a middle class family, earned his living by giving tutions to school and college going children. His earning went upto 30K per month, not bad in a small city that he belonged to. Destiny, as it is referred, played a game; he met an accident and went into coma for two odd years. When he woke up from his long quietus, he was shocked. Ashok lost all his customers (read students) moved to some other coach in the city, which was but obvious. And, Ashok instead of getting bogged down with loss in his business he used his primary skill of motivating people. Earlier he used to motivate his students and now he is paid for motivating employees of various companies. Today he is the highest paid person in the city. My feelings – Hats Off! 

What should I conclude now? Is it the destiny that played its trick or is it Ashok’s self motivation that worked for him? I guess it is more of self-motivation and determination that guides a person to achieve whatever he/she wants in life. Destiny does play its own role in whatever form it is. But, what is more important is how you grapple the situation. It is your life and it completely depends on you – Break it or Make it!  

February 15, 2008 at 3:00 pm 4 comments

दिल कहता है….

कभी कभी ये दिल कहता है,
मुझमें दर्द का एहसास रहता है,
चोट के निशाँ भी शामिल हैं,
हाँ कुछ को वक्त भर चला है….

पर उनका क्या जो अभी हरे हैं,
जिन पर ख़ुद वक्त ने वार किए हैं,
भरेगा उन्हें, क्या कोई शख्स है?
उम्मीद पर भी विश्वास नही है….

कभी कभी ये दिल कहता है,
बन जाऊँ एक समंदर मैं,
रेत सा हो दर्द का एहसास,
मोटी सा हो प्यार और विश्वास,

पर इसी ने तो दिया था धोखा,
उड़ा गया था जब हवा का झोंका,
झोंके तो पर शरीर सहता है,
दिल तो नादान है, कहता रहता है…..

January 15, 2008 at 8:15 am 3 comments

Net -> Normal Friends – Journey Abridged

Friends – everybody’s life line I guess. At least for me, they have been, they are and will continue to be. Of all the relations known to me, friendship is one that I have always cherished and relished. May be even more than the relationship with my immediate family members. Relatives – I never gave a damn ever….I still don’t and don’t foresee such gesture from my side in the near future. In the past 24 years of my life, I met innumerous people. Although, I have never been a part of big gang – credit goes to my reserve nature (read skeptical and choosy), but I always had the best of friends. I believe in quality and not quantity!  

Though the number of friends (read quality friends) has increased in these 24 years, especially after I came to Delhi. The city took its due toll on me too J I have improved in communication since my school time and sometimes initiate a conversation myself now. And, this art has earned me quiet a lot of friends – some very good ones. I met these friends at strange places, but, what mattered to me was the person and persona. I met them in school, in my colony, coaching classes, buses (while traveling from my home town to Delhi), my first workplace, at the third one, at the present one, and few in the office rest rooms J (read gals’ favorite gossip room). And yes! not to forget the Web. From the time I entered the Internet-famo, I have met amazing characters – from fools to geniuses, from womanizers to woman haters, from dull to full of life and vigor, from the ones that I had to run away from to the ones I ran after. Another, pot in the garden was Orkut – the biggest networking site. I grew my network too. Made new friends, some very good ones, so much that they are important part of my life now, chatted for hours with them on phone, even met a few. I even had a crush on one and so was sharing feelings with one of my sweetest cousins. Despite the kind of person I am (read choosy and suspicious) in choosing my friends, I was asked a dumfounding question. How can you trust people over the net? How can you exchange numbers with them? And, leave this all, how can you go and meet them? Have you gone crazy? How can you take the risk of trusting those people? Risk!!!!!!!!!  I had no answer to this! I was perplexed. I gave some silly yet satisfying answer and closed the matter at that time. But, this question kept on hunting me. Since that day I get more skeptical talking to my friends – net friends as per the nomenclature. On the contrary, the sounds from my soft heart keep on hounding too. Friends are friends after all! Does the place I met them really matters?  

Her concern was okay too. Even media is raising questions on networking sites and network so formed, especially after cases of Adnan Patrawala and likes. There have been long threads on Orkut and various other sites discussing if such sites should be banned. But, my question is – How would that ban the human tendency to interact with people and making friends. Can you ban human mind and its thinking capability? It is a wanderer and flies even past the horizons of imagination. It is like making two people sit in the same room and asking them not to interact. And, how does it matter if I meet a friend in a train or on Orkut. I would still get to know only the things that person would let me know. In neither case, I can extract more information than I am been exposed too. I cannot spy on every creature on this motherly earth.  

People are people after all, be it on Orkut or on a journey to some strange city with me. The people I met on first day of my class were equal strangers to me as the people I met on the Internet. Is it then really justified to differentiate friends as normal friends and net friends? In so many cases my communication with school and college friends (read normal friends) is now limited to messengers. Is it okay to say that they have now turned into Net friends and so I should doubt their integrity and honesty? It totally depends on a person and his/her capability to judge people. The risk of meeting Judas in your life will always be there. The place where you meet that person hardly matters in that case. I have seen people getting into successful business ventures through Internet. Have they not taken the risk, they would have missed a great opportunity. On the contrary, people ditch their close relatives in case of business. Can you keep a check on their honesty and integrity? No! not at all. So, continue interacting with strangers and make new friends! Live up the journey of net friends to friends J

January 9, 2008 at 5:42 am 6 comments

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